Bone Setting

Bone setting is a form of mobilizing massage where the movements of joints and vertebrae is used to enhance the treatment.

It is and old traditional Finnish form of folk healing skills.

It is an unhurried, painless, and holistic form of treatment which concentrates, not only on removing pain but also on healing the cause of the pain.

Bone setting requires the cooperation of the client and the attendant in order to regain the harmony and normal state of bodily functions where there is no longer need for defensive reactions.

One should reach the normal state of blood and tissue fluid circulation, nervous functions, and energy systems.

The treatment mobilizes the joints, improves the mobility of connective tissues and muscles by stretching them with the help of the client’s voluntary movements.

First, one is always looking for the origin of the illness or ailment, and when that is found, the muscles and bones are readjusted. No snapping or clicking takes place.

In bone setting, the whole body is treated from head to toes. The treatment begins with feet. The back and hands are treated in a sitting position using their movements as assisting functions. Finally, also the head is treated. The relaxing effects of the treatment last for days even.

It is recommendable to apply sauna and a birch switch before bone setting treatment.

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Saunahoitola Tasapaino, bone setting.
Saunahoitola Tasapaino, bone setting starts at the feet.

Who does bone setting suit?

Bone setting suits everybody who wishes to experience the effects of a traditional treatment today.

Master healers Olavi Mäkelä and Pentti Penttilä together with Leila Kattilakoski and Kansanlääkintäseura (association) have made bone setting well-known again.

Bone setting has given very good outcome of treatment in the following areas:

treating malposition of feet and removing difference of their length (feet, ankles, knees, and hips).

Treating lower back pains (e.g. sciatica and other pain and malposition of the small back and lumbar vertebrae).

Treating scoliotic problems (particularly in children and the young).

Treating pain of upper back and malposition of vertebra, and disturbances of vital functions caused by them (such as cardiac arrhythmia, dyspnoea, and high blood pressure).

Treating shoulder and neck tensions (blockage of shoulder blades, dizziness, headache, and migraine).

Treating pains of hands (aching hands or shoulders, tennis elbow).

Troubles of the head area, such as tension headache, bite disorders, facial aches and visual disturbances.

Bone setting has been studied at Kuopio University since the 1990s in treating chronic backpain patients, among other research areas. The control group consisted of patients who received classical massage or physiotherapy. The results showed that bone setting was indisputably the most effective treatment method for the locomotor system when compared to the whole treatment hierarchy.

Saunahoitola Tasapaino, the shoulders are cared for while sitting.
Saunahoitola Tasapaino, knee movement is used to treat the feet.
Saunahoitola Tasapaino, the hip is treated on the move.
Saunahoitola Tasapaino, all the handling is painless.

Who does bone setting not suit?

Although bone setting is a gentle and painless treatment there are some clear cases where it should not be used.

Bone fractures (in plaster)

Osteoporosis, osteopenia is not a hindrance but should be reported when booking a time for treatment.

Cancer or cancer in control phase

Open wounds (bandaged)

Venous thromboses (normal varicose veins are not an obstacle for treatment)

Migraine seizure (or developing seizure) should not be treated since it only makes the seizure worse

Prolapsed disc diagnosed by a doctor and examined with MRI

Skin infection or other infection

A couple of days after blood donation or during a course of antibiotics. Bone setting should be done only three, four days after.

The attendant should also be familiar with the client’s general health situation, possible injuries, and other reasons for coming to treatment.

Pregnancy (first three months) should also be reported before coming to treatment

Bone setting does not involve snapping or other sudden movements. All results are achieved through effective treatment techniques, working together with the client.