Price list

Treatments rates per person:

  • Finnish tradition healing 2-3h from 160€

The price consists of selected treatments (whisking, bone setting, cupping and additional services, see below) and materials (Whisk, peat, herbs, baths, wraps) and time spent on treatments

Additional services

Note! The following additional services cannot be purchased separately!

  • Traditional bathing with whisks 40€, 15min 8-10 whisks (birch, oak, aspen, rowan, juniper, maple)

  • Washing with whisks 20€ 10-15min

  • Washing on a massage table 20 € 10-15min

  • Washing hair and back 10€ 5-10min

  • Sitting bath 10€ 15-20min

  • Foot bath 5€

  • Clay mask 5€

  • Treatment with peat wrapping 20min, part of the body, such as the back, legs, or neck-shoulders and arms 30€/body part

  • Salt peeling and peeling with a bath mitt 15 €

  • Head massage 20min 25€

  • Slide and dry cupping 10€ during a massage, bone setting or sauna

  • Massage 30min 30€, 45min 45€, 1h 55€, 1,5h 85€, 2h 110€ (VAT 0%)

  • Floating or floatation 10€ if the sauna on the beach or in the place has a swimming pool (in the customer's sauna or in Jämsä Sauna Village in connection with summer events, take into account any blue-green algae or too cold water)

Prices include VAT 24%

Reservations by calling 040-727 8710

Cancellation policy

For individual treatments

You can only cancel the treatment time free of charge by phone, either by calling or texting 040-727 8710

Cancellations made on the same day will be charged 50% of the price of the treatment.

Any treatment not canceled will be charged the full price.

If possible, the sauna must be booked at least 3 weeks in advance, the possibility of cancellation less than 2 weeks before the agreed time will be charged half of the price of the sauna.

Due to the "delay" of the email, cancellations will not be considered through it. I don’t use the internet during my day care, but I read them occasionally in the evenings at home!

In cases of force majeure, the sauna may be canceled with two days' notice.