Kaisu Mokkila - service provider

Traditional sauna washer, cupper, bone setter, and trained masseuse

I am Kaisu Mokkila, and I give traditional treatments in Saunahoitola Tasapaino.

My roots are deep in Eastern Finland, and from there derives my interest in traditional treatments. There have been healers also in earlier generations of our family.

I would like to tell about my background in order to convince those coming to my treatment that they will be in the hands of an experienced and skilful professional.

Training and Working Experience

Bone Setting

Studies since 2004 in courses organized by Kansanlääkintäseura (folk healing naturopathy) and by Perinteinen Jäsenkorjaus ry. (traditional bone setting)

Indian Head Massage

Basic training at Nurmijärvi adult education centre, fall 2004.


In 2005, I graduated from the classical massage programme of Helsingin Hieronta- Akatemia (massage academy). In 2006 I passed the competence-based qualification exam for masseuses at the Medical School of HESOTE (Helsinki School for Social and Health Welfare). I worked as an entrepreneur in Helsinki city centre about five years during 2006-2011.

Traditional Blood Cupping

In 2006, I took a basic course in blood cupping and complemented my cupping skills on courses run by Suomen Kupparit ry (Finnish cuppers association) and on a specialized cupping course in 2008. The course covered the history and theory of cupping, disinfection and asepsis combined naturally with practical training.

For about five years, I exercised cupping in Helsinki at Kotiharju public sauna.

Dry Cupping

I wanted to complement my cupping skills in slide and dry cupping on a course by Suomen Kupparit ry in 2007.

I use Chinese Keep-Fit Jar rubber cups to warm up the areas of the body to be massaged in order to enhance the results.

Sauna Therapy

In 2010, I completed my education as a sauna therapist in Turku. Years 2010-2011 I studied folklore and traditions at Päivölä folk high school. I moved my treatment facility to the village of Ritvala in Valkeakoski in 2011

Turkish Hamam Bath Massage

In 2019, I took a course and passed the competence-based qualification in Turkish Hamam bath massage.

Traditional Sauna Washer

In 2020, I graduated as a traditional sauna washer in the first training group organised in the country.

Locations through Helsinki to Valkeakoski

Helsinki: Masseuse entrepreneur in downtown Helsinki for five years, starting in 2006, and cuppings at Kotiharju public sauna until 2012.

Valkeakoski: Treatment facility opened in Ritvala in 2011. The main treatments provided were bone setting and massage. Sauna treatments were offered in Kellarisauna in Valkeakoski centre during 2012-2014.

In 2016 my treatment facility moved to an old, tarred building ‘Pakari’ (bakery) at Voipaala Arts Centre as a member of a community of entrepreneurs operating there. Sauna treatments were provided in the lakeside sauna of Pappilanniemi course centre during 2014-2017.

Cuppings and other sauna treatments moved to Ainola in Metsäkansa in 2018 to a location owned by Leena Larva. Still located in Valkeakoski.

In 2020, at the time of Kekri (ancient Finnish harvest festival, nowadays coinciding with All Saints’ Day), I moved myself and my massage treatment facility to downtown Valkeakoski, address Asemantie 4. And in January 2021, the sauna treatments were moved to Melankärki.

On March 1, 2022, it was again time for a new location. This time in Tampere, Härmälä where I have finally facilities to perform all the treatments in same location.

My hobbies

I am keen on dancing, outdoor activities, Russian language, yoga, ice swimming, excursion and everyday biking, canoeing and various traditional handicrafts, and all kind of everyday exercise at my summer cottage.

I have an aquarium with a tank farming system since I like house plants a lot.

I find it important

To be able to heal people and work for their wellbeing with traditional treatment methods.

Offer people always unique treatment result and experiences form my facility.

To use Finnish organic, local, small scale, and ecological products.

To secure through my work, the knowledge and continuation of traditional treatment methods in Finland.

Traditional treatments have given good results, and therefore I hope that their appreciation will increase along with the users’ experiences.

Welcome to Saunahoitola Tasapaino


Saunahoitola Tasapaino, Kaisu Mokkila


2004-2007 Kalevala tradition bone setting at Kansanlääkintäseura. I’m a qualified Kalevala tradition bone setter – a title which I cannot use officially since I’m no longer a member of the association.

Basic course in Indian head massage

2005-2006 Helsinki Hieronta-Akatemia (massage academy), preparatory courses for competence-based qualification at Helsingin Sosiaali- ja terveysalan oppilaitos (Helsinki School for Social and Health Welfare). Trained masseuse occupational title.

Hoitola Tasapaino established on August 1, 2006, facilities in Helsinki.

2008-2013 Courses in traditional and Kaustinen tradition bone setting.

2006-2009 cupping courses, courses in sauna therapy; graduated as a sauna therapist in Turku in 2009.

As a cupper at Kotiharju public sauna in Helsinki 2008-2012

2010-2011 A one year course in folklore and traditions at Päivölä folk high school in Valkeakoski. Päivölä is a residential school but I worked weekends in Helsinki in my own facilities and Kotiharju public sauna.

First Aid 1 certificate valid always; updated every three years.

Several years’ of bone setting studies as a part time apprenticeship with an experienced healer.

2019 Turkish bath i.e. hammam courses at Ainola, Valkeakoski, under the instruction of a Turkish washer.