Salty Honey Sauna

The salty honey sauna is highly recommended because these substances supplement each other. The sticky character of honey binds the rough salt into an ingredient which is easy to manage on the skin.

Washing with salty products. The treatment ingredients are sea salt, rock salt and rose salt.

Foot bath and skin peeling in a sauna bath. Etheric oils can also be used.

The effects of salt on the skin

For a hundred years ago, salt was still used as a general remedy against almost any ailment.

Sodium is needed in our system to convey nervous impulses, to control muscular activities and the liquid balance, and to regulate the osmotic pressure.

Chloride is required for digestion and breathing. Due to the electrical conductivity of salt, we are able to think and act.

There is salt in our cell sap and bones. Our blood is an electric saline resembling the ocean water. As an example, in a foot bath salt is dissolved in water, and absorbed through the skin with the help of osmosis. The salt molecules have a tendency to move from a higher content to a lower content solute thus balancing the difference. The warmth in the sauna activates the process of removing toxic substances from the body. Salt neutralized acids. The effects of honey on the skin:

Honey is acidulous, i.e., its pH value is generally below 5.

Acids destroy bacteria. It has also been noticed that they contain substances which prevent bacterial growth. Therefore, honey acts also as a natural preservative.

Non heated honey is raw food, and it should not be heated above 37º C which is the natural temperature of a beehive. That is also the normal temperature of a human body.

Honey contains about 200 different compounds. The main ingredients are different sugars, almost 30 of them. Other ingredients include enzymes, proteins, mineral substances, organic fruit acids, aromatic substances, and vitamins.

Honey cleanses the skin and makes it soft. It relaxes the muscles and gives a peaceful night’s sleep.