Tar and coniferous sauna

This is particularly popular among groups of blokes!

One first takes a sauna bath with thorough heat and a juniper whisk.

Every now and then one is cooling down by breathing through a pine whisk which opens the blocked feeling caused by winter.

A spruce whisk is used to bathe, press and roll all over the body. It is not used for actual slapping.

Hair is then washed with tar shampoo and the body with tar soap.

Some honey is mixed with thick pit tar, and the honey tar mixture is applied on the body. Skin and sore muscles are gently massaged in the warmth of the sauna while the feet are soaking in a coniferous bath including also salt and honey.

The smell of tar is familiar to everyone as it brings up childhood memories from smoke sauna to wooden boats and skis.

The sauna is decorated with spruce twigs and baths with the smell of spruce and pine, or tar are created. The time spent in a honey and tar sauna is about 20 minutes. The skin is then rinsed but no washing with soap is needed after the treatment.

The sauna is followed by resting, sitting in an armchair, or lying in a sofa for 20 minutes.

This treatment is well suited as a power treatment for rashes or dry and atopic skin. The etheric oils of the pine open the respiratory channels and the soothing effects of the spruce produce wellbeing for the whole body.