Groups saunas

Group saunas are organized for a group of two to six persons. The time required is 2-3 hours depending on the number of participants and the chosen treatment. These sauna baths include everything: shampoo, conditioner, and body lotions as well as towels, slippers and sauna robes.

In all sauna treatments the participants are first washed whereafter the treatment substances are spread on a sauna warm skin. They are allowed to have an effect for some time and the skin is only rinsed afterwards to allow the treatment effect to continue. All sauna treatments include foot bath and skin peeling. Tea, juice and small salty snacks are also included in the price.

Various combination treatments can be produced for groups such as hen parties, girls’ nights, groups of co-workers, and so on.

These sauna bath treatments are always designed according to the group, and additional services are available for an extra cost.

When necessary, treatments can also be organized in other sauna locations booked by the customer. Travelling and house call expenses are then added to the price.

Peat Sauna

Rose Sauna

Salty Honey Sauna

Tar sauna

Vocal sauna

Supplementary services

Coming up: Women’s power sauna, kekri sauna (the Finnish harvest festival, around All Saints’ Day), Cleansing sauna, Silent sauna. 

Saunahoitola Tasapaino, in the sauna you can reach yourself.
Saunahoitola Tasapaino, listen to the sounds of whisking.