Rose sauna

The sauna is filled with the odour of roses and the mind is relaxed! The rose symbolizes life and love. Its beauty is enchanting, and its odour is intoxicating. Therefore, the healing effects of the rose are particularly suited for bridal couples, as a bridal sauna or simply to relax on a weekday evening.

The rose sauna is a comprehensive body treatment. It includes a foot bath, whole body peeling and sauna.

The ingredients used are natural and entirely organic.

Honey and rose drops are used in foot baths among other remedies.

the hair is treated with shampoo and conditioner. Rose tea or water is served after the sauna with some salty snacks. During the bathing process you will learn to make your own rosy body peeling compound.

This sauna bath is very popular for hen parties.

The effects of the rose to the body:

The rose symbolizes love and life. Its beauty is enchanting, and its odour is intoxicating but its short life reminds us of our vulnerability and passing existence.

Every Finn knows the white Midsummer rose and its unparalleled odour. This rose has a long history and it can be found in almost every farmhouse courtyard. The white Midsummer rose has adorned the hair of many brides on their wedding day.

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